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Puppies - Spring 2017 (Litter A)


We are looking forward to litter from our female Vanilka (Viento) and male Rufus (Quixu de Villa Magala)- it is a unique combination of two totally unrelated lines of this breed. Two great natures- very similar, yet different. Puppies will have an exhibition and sports assumptions. Vanilka was mated 17.12. 2016 and 13.1. 2017 was confirmed pregnancy by ultrasound. Supposed taking of puppies is the second half of April.  All our pups will born in our home and will raise within our family environment! If you will have some questions, contact me here: We prefer personal visit before taking of pups.

Quixu de Villa Magala (Rufus)

Birthday: 30.10. 2009

Import: Spain

Mother: Olbia de Valdegoscan

Father: Gas D´Espinavesa

Shows: CAJC, 7xCAC, 6xCACIB,  7xBOB, BOS, Czech                    Champion, European Winner 2014 

Health: HD C/A (right hip after the injury in 6 months),               without health problems


Rufus is a character very balanced dog with a natural love of movement and family. He has a good relationship with people and animals. He tolerates well other dogs. He lives with his family in the house and deal mainly tourism. He loves swimming, retrieving and all toys, including sticks. He's inteligent, active and mostly he has eyes only for his family.

Viento (Vanilka)

Birthday: 14.1. 2011

Import: Sweden

Mother: Marengo Esperanza Pizzara

Father: Hot Pot´s Bolero

Shows: CAJC, BOJ, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB, 2x                          Excellent from Club Exhibitions 

             (Czech Rep., Holland)

Exams: ZVOP (test of sheepdog talent), PTCTP                              (character test of canistherapeutic dog),

              Agility A1, A2

Health: HD A, without health problems


Vanilka has a very kind and sensitive nature, withouth conflict with strangers, dogs and other animals. She is very good watchdog. She loves toys, exercise, swimming etc. We focus intensely dogfrisbee, agility and also as well as sheep herding and pulling the scooter. At exhibitions she is also very successful. Vanilka is very physically gifted and has a great talent for herding. Easy to learn, she is inteligent and has a high drive to work. She lives in the house with a garden together with us, the other three dogs and a rabbit. She is fed by BARF.

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